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#4014# North Crete
€ 190,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  800Land area m²  -  2,150

Two building plots, For sale each 1075m² near a sandy beach, with a total building rights of 800m², with a slight slope and sea views. The plots are sold separately at a price of 100.000 € per plot. They are located in the area of Stavromenos in ...

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#4000# North Crete
€ 300,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  400Land area m²  -  1,000

Βuilding plot of 1000m² total area near the town. It has 400m² building rights, panoramic views of the surroundings. It is located in the region of Rethymno - North Crete within the building plan, in a distance of 200m from the sea, 56 km from ai ...

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#3971# North Crete
€ 50,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  22Land area m²  -  0

Rethymno apartment with sea views and with a total area of 22m². Contains: Third floor Bedrooms: 1, Bathrooms: 1, Kitchen and Balcony.   It also has central heating. It is located near a sandy beach in a distance of : 10 m fro ...

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#3855# North Crete
€ 130,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  270Land area m²  -  400

stone house near a sandy beach with a total area of 270m², Βuilding plot of 400m² . Contains: Floor #1 terrace, rooms: 6, Floor #2 bathrooms: 1, kitchen, balconies, terrace, bedrooms: 2, dining room, storeroom: 1, living room, It a ...

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#3345# North Crete
€ 350,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  180Land area m²  -  300

Apartments-unit near a sandy beach with a total area of 180m2, upon a plot of 300m2. that could be easily converted into a house. It is located in the region of Rethymno - North Crete. Contains: Floor #1 Storeroom: 1, Floor #2 1 bedro ...

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