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#4358# North Crete
€ 80,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  55Land area m²  -  0

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#4330# North Crete
€ 350,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  1,200Land area m²  -  6,086

Rethymno land for industrial development for sale near the town and the highway. North Crete business properties ...

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#4324# North Crete
€ 750,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  3,000Land area m²  -  13,000

Rethymnon plot 13 acres for commercial use for sale near the city and panoramic sea views. The area is suitable for low-noise crafts, workshops, warehouses, company offices, etc. ...

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#4271# North Crete
€ 300,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  204Land area m²  -  350

The two villas have been built on a plot of approx. 700 sqm. (each of them occupies a parcel of approx. 350sq.m.), in a very peaceful location, just outside a village in the western suburbs of the Rethymnon town. Situated on a hilltop, they are e ...

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#4232# North Crete
€ 350,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  170Land area m²  -  220

This lovely house is situted just outside  the village of Atsipopoulo in the  the suburbs of rethymnon, town, in only 5 minutes drive from the town center and 10' from from beach of Gerani . The maisonette  is built in 3 levels and has a total ar ...

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#4020# North Crete
€ 40,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  220Land area m²  -  450

Building plot of 450m² total area near the town. It has 220m² building rights, distant sea views. It is located in the region of Rethymno - North Crete within the building plan, in a distance of 8.5 km from the sea, 72 km from airport, 58 km from ...

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#3996# North Crete
€ 300,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  1,200Land area m²  -  4,017

Βuilding plot of 4017m² total area near the town. Building plot for industrial use in an area close to Rethymnon and next to the national highway. The total building rights are 1200 square meters for use as an industrial building such as warehous ...

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#2559# North Crete
€ 750,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  250Land area m²  -  500

A beautiful house for sale in the seaside suburb of Rethymnon Violi Haraki, 3.5 klm. just west of the city center (City Hall), 1.5 km from the beach and 300 meters from the highway Rethymnon Chania. This three level villa built in 1999 and remain ...

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#2447# North Crete
€ 45,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  280Land area m²  -  8,217

A lovely country side building plot of 8217m². It has 280m2 building rights and landscape views. It is located in the region of Crete-Rethymnon - North Crete, in a distance of 7km from the sea, 20km from the town, 55km from airport, 45km from por ...

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