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#4036# Central Crete
€ 80,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  120Land area m²  -  100

Cretan House with panoramic mountain view suitable for the lovers of nature, peacefulness and Greek tradition. The house is located in the natural environment of a traditional village, keeping the traditional architectural and design style. Th ...

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#3969# Central Crete
€ 90,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  80Land area m²  -  350

Perama apartment with landscape views and with a total area of 80m². Contains: Floor #1 bathrooms: 1, kitchen, Attic, Wardrobe room, bedrooms: 2, dining room, living room,   It also has Air condition, fireplace, garden with fl ...

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#3962# Central Crete
€ 500
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  120Land area m²  -  2,000

A Spacious house for long term rental in the country side near the village of Spili on a plot of 2000m². The house is built in two levels containing at ground level a large garage- storeroom and on the upper level, which is the main living area i ...

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#3831# Central Crete
€ 40,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  150Land area m²  -  992

house at the edge of the village with a total area of 150m², Βuilding plot of 992m² . Contains: Floor #1 storeroom: 1, Floor #2 bathrooms: 1, kitchen, balconies, terrace, bedrooms: 3, dining room, storeroom: 1, living room, It also ...

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#3789# Central Crete
€ 20,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  108Land area m²  -  80

Stone house within a village with a total area of 108m2, Βuilding plot of 80m2. Contains: Ground Floor rooms: 2, kitchen, dining room, terrace and living room. First floor rooms: 2 and balconies. It also has fireplace, courtyard pa ...

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#3663# Central Crete
€ 100,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  155Land area m²  -  850

house within a village with a total area of 155m², Βuilding plot of 850m². Contains: Floor #1 rooms: 1, Storeroom: 1, Floor #2 bathrooms: 1, Open plan area - (living-dining-kitchen), balconies, Terrace, WC, bedrooms: 3, It also has ...

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#3519# Central Crete
€ 60,000
View DetailsRights m²  -  280Land area m²  -  15,000

Βuilding plot of 15000m² total area The plot is situated near a village, on the foot of the ida mountain and enjoys panoramic views over the green Amari valley,  the surrounding picturesque villages and the Kedros mountain. On the land there ...

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#3517# Central Crete
€ 70,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  120Land area m²  -  60

Stone house in a traditional village near the valley of Amari with a total area of ​​120m2, plot of 60m2. Contains: Ground floor Single room - (lounge-dining-kitchen), bathrooms: 1, rooms: 1, Floor # 1 Balcony, bedrooms: 1, It also ...

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#3365# Central Crete
€ 50,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  100Land area m²  -  0

stone house within a village with a total area of 100m² . Contains: Floor #1 bathrooms: 1, rooms: 3, Floor #2 living room, kitchen, Terrace, It also has fireplace ,courtyard landscape views . It is located in a distance of : 5 ...

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#3364# Central Crete
€ 25,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  100Land area m²  -  0

stone house within a village with a total area of 100.00m². Contains: Floor #1 rooms: 3, Floor #2 Terrace, rooms: 1, It also has ,courtyard landscape views . It is located in a distance of : 5 km from the sea, 100 km from airport, ...

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#3148# Central Crete
€ 85,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  132Land area m²  -  100

The property just a few minutes walk from the village centre and accessible by car has been converted into a comfortable year round home. On its two levels the house has a gross floor area of 132 m2 and excluding the outdoor spaces a net internal ...

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#3052# Central Crete
€ 35,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  100Land area m²  -  900

Stone house upon a Hill with a total area of 100.00m², Βuilding plot of 900.00m² . Contains: It also has fireplace garden panoramic view over the landscape .In need of repair and modernisation The roof has been replaced in recent years It ...

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