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#4657# North Crete
€ 650,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  400Land area m²  -  4,000

This beautiful Apartments Unit completed in 2018, has a total area of 400sq.m., and is built on a plot of 4,000sq.m. This unit is located in the area of Adele, within the countryside and enjoys sea views. It compises at ground level:  3 storeroom ...

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#4626# East Crete
€ 890,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  640Land area m²  -  2,000

An unfinished apartment complex of 640m2 is located just 50 meters from the sea , 1 km from the city of Agios Nikolaos and 65km from the internation airport from heraklion. Built on a plot of 2.000m2 it offers a magnificent view of Meramello Bay. ...

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#4621# East Crete
€ 3,500,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  1,150Land area m²  -  2,500

Α seafront complex of 29 apartments in total 1.150m2, is available for sale in the area of Elounda. It includes a swimming pool of 60m2 with sun terrace, a pool bar and a snack bar with pergola. It is located in a plot of 2.500m2 which is surroun ...

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#4616# East Crete
€ 280,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  400Land area m²  -  1,430

A small apartment complex is for sale 250m from the beach in the attractive resort of Milatos, 27km from Aghios Nikolaos, the capitol and picturesque major resort of Eastern Crete. The 400m2 complex comprises of 6 apartments of one or two bedroom ...

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#4597# East Crete
€ 700,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  2,400Land area m²  -  17,260

Complex of apartments 2.400 m2 within an area of 17.260m2 is available for sale in Agios Nikolaos of Eastern Crete. It is 65 km from the airport and only 1.5 km from the beaches of the city. It consists of 30 apartments with the possibility of th ...

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#4538# East Crete
€ 6,000,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  2,481Land area m²  -  6,180

In a slightly elevated location of 6.500m2 , there is a traditional bungalow complex of 3.000 m2 **** 4 stars. It is just 25 meters from the beach, 5km from the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos in Eastern Crete and 68 km from the international ...

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#4522# East Crete
€ 435,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  137Land area m²  -  0

Seaside apartments of 136,98m2 are available for sale in the picturesque settlement of Plaka in Elounda. They are located in a wonderful location overlooking the bay of Plaka and Spinalonga. Just a few steps from the sea are 13 km from the town o ...

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#4471# East Crete
€ 970,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  300Land area m²  -  430

Seaside complex of 8 apartments within a plot of 430m2 is available for sale in the heart of Elounda. It is 8km from the town of Agios Nikolaos and 73km from the International Airport of Heraklion. Specifically, the apartments are approximately 2 ...

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#4456# North Crete
€ 2,650,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  1,129Land area m²  -  525

A romantic and beautifully furnished Hotel in Rethymno, Crete. Located at the old town of Rethymno, next to the Venetian Fortress “Fortezza”, 50 meters from the Mediterranean Sea. This property of the oldest mansions of Reth ...

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#4377# East Crete
€ 380,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  350Land area m²  -  8,000

Complex of 8 apartments In total of 350 m2 is available for sale just 3km from the town of Agios Nikolaos and the sea and 68km from the International Airport of Heraklion . Built in 1980, it is located on a plot of 8.000m2 and offers sea and city ...

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#4346# East Crete
€ 900,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  498Land area m²  -  392

A complex of 11 apartments (plus utility room of 58 m2 in the basement) within a plot of 500m2 is available for sale in a quiet neighborhood, in the heart of Elounda. It is just 200 meters from the sea, 100 meters from the central square of Eloun ...

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#4306# South Crete
€ 3,200,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  3,500Land area m²  -  4,000

A seafront hotel is available for sale in the southern part of Crete, in a idyllic area. It is located 15km from the town of Ierapetra and 50km from the airport of Sitia. The hotel follows the island architecture, overlooking the Libyan Sea. It i ...

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