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#4308# North Crete
€ 900,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  450Land area m²  -  1,050

It consists of: • Two-storey House 1: Basement 20sq.m. Ground floor 69 sq.m. 1st floor 53 sq.m. • Two Storey House 2: Basement 15sq.m. Ground floor 72sq.m 1st floor 55sq.m. House 1 and 2 are sold together at 580.000 € • Two Storey ...

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#4306# South Crete
€ 3,200,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  3,500Land area m²  -  4,000

A seafront hotel is available for sale in the southern part of Crete, in a idyllic area. It is located 15km from the town of Ierapetra and 50km from the airport of Sitia. The hotel follows the island architecture, overlooking the Libyan Sea. It i ...

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#4300# East Crete
€ 480,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  556Land area m²  -  540

An unfinished apartment building of 560m2 is available for sale in the city of Agios Nikolaos at a distance of 600 meters from the sea and 65km from the International Airport of Heraklion. The building is located within a plot of 540m2 and is dev ...

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#4288# South Crete
€ 750,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  217Land area m²  -  200

A seaside complex of six apartments of 217m2 is available for sale in the area of Ierapetra. It is 22 km from Ierapetra and 23 km from the airport of Sitia. Each apartment is modern and stylishly decorated and consists of an open area living room ...

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#4275# East Crete
€ 750,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  285Land area m²  -  5,000

Complex of 9 apartments of 285 m2 is available for sale near to Agios Nikolaos. It is located within a plot of 5,000m2  and at a distance of 400 meters from the sea, 4 km from the city of Agios Nikolaos and 69km from the airport of Heraklion ...

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#4268# North Crete
€ 850,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  350Land area m²  -  5,500

Inside Spaces:   This beautiful Villa has luxurious and spacious rooms in 4 independent apartments who can accommodate up 12 people. The whole property has a view on a lush courtyard with private pool ...

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#4257# South Crete
€ 250,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  570Land area m²  -  410

This property used to run as a successful hotel but has been closed for a few years. It is located along a quiet lane in the centre of a popular seaside resort and has the potential to become a business once again or be renovated into single apar ...

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#4256# East Crete
€ 170,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  150Land area m²  -  200

Unfinished building  of 150m2 is available for sale in Kalo Chorio. It is only 300 meters from the sea, 10km  from the town of Agios Nikolaos and  75 km from the International Airport of Heraklion. The basement is on the bricks and ...

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#4246# North Crete
€ 430,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  250Land area m²  -  985

Beautiful unit with apartments at the edge of a traditional cretan village. This property can provide a great income to the one who wants to do business in the touristic field. The property is located at the beginning of the village on a plot of ...

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#4183# South Crete
€ 220,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  110Land area m²  -  203

Comprising two detached furnished villas each 55m2 adjacent to one another in a popular village, which has many tavernas and is a short distance to the wonderful beaches of Kommos, Kalamaki and Matala. The villas, built in 2003, could be used as ...

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#4167# East Crete
€ 250,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  260Land area m²  -  100

An under renovation apartment building of 260m2 is available for sale in the town of Agios Nikolaos. Within a plot of 100m2 it is located just 100 meters from the beach and 65km from the international airport of Heraklion. The building developed ...

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#4162# East Crete
€ 220,000
View DetailsBuilding m²  -  300Land area m²  -  4,061

A complex of 7 apartments, of 300m2 approximately is available for sale. It is located just 1.5km from the town of Agios Nikolaos and its beaches and 66.5km from the international airport of Heraklion. It is part of a complex of 14 apartments in ...

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